Wednesday, 5 September 2012

I'm Back!!

Wow, I suck at blogging!  Or at least I sucked at it over summer.  This summer seemed a lot busier than the past years.  We did lots of camping trips, the kids were older and more open to reason, (or perhaps took my threats more seriously?) and overall the summer seemed to fly past quickly.

We did a total of 6 camping trips, got to see moose, bears, raccoon (who knew the plural of that is raccoon?  spell check just taught me something - should I be embarrassed?) and even did a fair bit of canoeing and fishing.  I never fed any of my family or the monster dog to the bears and we all made it home  in one piece...pretty successful I think!

I now have (and for the past month have had) 8 people living in my house.  4 adults and 4 children....its crowded and noisy but for the most part has run pretty smoothly.  The twins are loving the extra friends, that are their cousins in the house and although their room looks like a dormitory they are all coping with it quite well.  There are also distinct advantages to having two Moms in the house, if one is not around the other will feed and tend to the kids and even yell and threaten the kids, and who knew, sometimes kids listen to the Aunty Moms threats a little closer than their own Mom.

Anyway the reason I am back now is.......they are back at school, I can think again!  I can even go grocery shopping in peace and today I took a nice long walk with the monster dog and my iPod and did not wonder if the house would still be standing when I got home!

I think fall is my favorite season!  The days are cooler, the nights crisp, the leaves change to pretty colours and the kids are back in school....yes fall is definitely my favorite!