Wednesday, 19 March 2014


I went shopping for bra's today as some of mine have started to fall apart, buckle under the weight of everyday hard labor one may say.*  Yes the sad fact is I have big boobs.  Now in some instances it's not a sad fact, more of a welcome advantage, but when bra shopping it is indeed a sad state of affairs.

Every girls wants something sexy, something pretty for their lingerie, however big busted girls have to pay a small fortune if they want this, whereas girls with regular boobs can go to their local Target or Sears and pick up some nice fun bras.  The bras these stores sell for well endowed girls like me are more like restraint devices.  They come in your basic colors white, black and nude, they have thick ugly, unsexy straps. I guess they serve their purpose to hold our giant knockers that obviously must weigh a good 20lbs each (judging by the thickness of the fabric) up. They remind me of something my grandmother would've worn in the war era.

Yes there are some nice bras in pretty fun fabrics available in my size, but guess what, they all have padding.  Here's a newsflash to bra makers everywhere.  When you have D cups, you don't need or want padding!!  You don't want to take someones eye out every time you turn around!

I do have a wonderful bra that has removable straps, so it can be worn strapless or halter or cross back etc. The only issue with it? It's padded, every time I wear it someone comments on the size of my boobs and yes I know they look humongous in that bra, but what can a girl do, I can hardly go bra less when wearing a tank top. So I try not to wear it too often, but every now and then its a necessity so out it comes and I mentally prepare myself for the comments while trying to refrain from replying sarcastically, "Really? My boobs are huge? I never noticed, thanks for pointing that out."

*To be honest some of my bras are failing due to the monster dog chewing through the straps when she was a puppy (I sewed them back together because dammit these things are expensive), and others because often I'm not that careful with my laundry and they get caught up in the drier and the underwire pokes through or snaps.


  1. Lol, Jenni! You had me giggling so much. When are you going to put your blog posts into a book? I really think it will be a success. By the way, having boobs on the smaller side is also extremely hazardous on the bra-shopping side. I battle to find ones that fit my cups but don't cut off my air supply around my chest.

    1. Thats a good point Kathy, I never thought about the hazards from small boob bra shopping ;)