Thursday, 3 May 2012

10 random things you maybe did or didn't know about me

  • I have been held at gunpoint, suspected of being a mercenary come to assassinate a President of a small island nation. - Nothing like a group of teen soldiers pointing AK47's at you to make you realize how quickly things can go wrong.
  • I have dived with Sharks, dolphins and a lot of fantastic people!
  • I hitchhiked as a teenager in South Africa, with a little pocket knife as protection! - I think I had a guardian angel as a teenager ;)  - If I had to put all the stupid things I did on here, my family would no longer talk to me and the list would be way too long.
  • I was known as coffin kid as a teen, cause I used to do the whole goth/all in black thing - yep even wore a mohawk a few times.
  • I have been in two car accidents, once as a driver (not a very serious one, and involved a highly inebriated old lady), once as a passenger (wrote off the car totally - not a fun night), and one boat accident when we flipped a dive boat in the rough surf.
  • I once divemastered/assisted training for a platoon of British Army guys (Queens Guards) for their Openwater diver certs. 
  • I don't drink tea.  My Mom used to make us have tea with nearly everything, and I rebelled, so my hot drink of choice is pretty much coffee, since hot chocolate does bad things to my thighs ;)
  • I am the youngest of 4 children,  I grew up with three older brothers.
  • I love saving money, especially when I have to spend to save....ok, yes I love shopping and getting a good deal.
  • I really need to join over planners anonymous, as I over plan and speculate about everything, and yet some of the best and most amazing things I have done have been on a whim with little forethought.  

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