Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Summer Rules

Yes, summer holidays rule. In fact I'm really looking forward to them this year, but with them fast approaching we need some rules. So as I've seen many people who have made their list of rules for electronic usage etc post theirs online I decided to do some for my kids and probably lose some popularity points with them too. (See the tears in my eyes? No? Me neither.)

All the ones I have seen online start with "You may use or have you limited time on electronics as long as you have done all these today." Well that doesn't work for me. I have no desire to have them rushing in the morning to get everything out the way so they can get some time on their tablets. That means I have to get up and get them organized and they will be asking for stuff at 6am. Yes, my kids are early risers, and quite frankly I am not that dedicated. So instead I have started mine with, " long as yesterday you did all of the following."

Obviously there will be exceptions to the rules, I don't run that tight of a ship and we do a lot of stuff over summer that may impact this, but this is my list.

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