Wednesday, 11 July 2012

How to look unprofessional in 5 minutes

Well I should have known better, but I had been trying to chat with a work colleague for over a week now, and we had some important stuff to hash out, so when she messages me and said can we chat now, I ignored the fact that my niece and nephew were here with my kids and said sure. The first half of the call was fine, then the phone rang (I was on Skype) and it was my SIL, so I asked my colleague to hold on a sec as I needed to know when the kids were getting picked up. While that is happening Diggle gets his fingers slammed in the door. Add much screaming to the calls, my SIL yelled I'll be there ASAP and hung up.

I managed to calm Diggle down a bit and sent all the kids down to find ice for his fingers and tried to resume the call. Now add in the kids yelling up to me that they can't find ice.....sigh...the colleague does not have kids she probably thinks I'm a bad parent for yelling back, tough then you're going to have to wait! We got back to the call....then the phone rang, it's DH, so I hit ignore and sent it to the answering machine. So he leaves a message and straight away calls my cell. At which point I gave up and told my colleague that we were done and I would call back with anything further.

Now as much as I insist to her that this was NOT a normal occurrence at my house and that I can usually be professional when there are only two kids around, she does not have kids, hands up how many people think she really believes that?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Running in the rain and jiggly bits

I ran my second official 5K today.  Woke up to thunder and lightning and torrential downpours.  And while that was  a nice break from the ridiculous heat we have been having it was not great knowing that I was about to head out for a run.

Fortunately my running buddy did not bail on me, and her showing up ready to run made me go ahead with the plans.  It in fact turned out not bad.  It rained lightly during the run, and got pretty hot and humid towards the end, but I took a full 2 minutes off my last run time, so I was ok with that.  I felt my knee twinge a little at the 4k mark, and was a little concerned since both the physio and Dr have warned me that I can easily blow out my knee as I have never quite corrected all the damage done to my ankle since I had all the pins and screws put in, but it held out. Both my knee and ankle are a little sore at the moment, but nothing they wont recover from with a few days rest.

The downside to the light rain was DH did not take his camera....although I will give kudos to him and the kids for still coming to watch and support us.  I gave them the easy out and told them they could stay at home, but they chose to come and stand there with umbrellas and cheer us on.  Anyway with him not bringing his camera, I only have one picture to prove I ran, it was snapped on DH's cell phone as I am about 10m away from finishing, and although I am smiling, (the kids were hanging over the railing on the side waiting to high 5 me), I look huge...its horribly no pictures will appear online from todays race!

I think I will give running a bit of a rest, like slow down to once a week for a bit and try and squeeze some p90x workouts in to try and firm up some of the jiggly bits.  Jiggly bits??  Yes that's exactly what Princess said to me the other day when I was outside tanning.  In a loud voice she announced "Mommy your belly is jiggly!"  I think I heard the neighbour snigger on the other side of the fence....

I actually did something wild this week, I bought a bikini!  No, don't anyone panic.  I have no intention of wearing it out in public.  I thought that while the kids are splashing in the pool in the backyard I would try and tan my ghostly white stomach for a thinking is that tanned jiggly bits may look better than white jigglys?  Why I worry about that I have not idea, its not like anyone actually sees that except DH, and he knows better than to say anything, especially if he ever wants to get laid again in his lifetime.

Anyway hence the need to perhaps start the p90x, maybe if I can lose another 20lbs and firm up the jiggly bits, one day I may just be able to wear that bikini out in public!