Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Law of averages

I haven't written in a long time. My mood hasn't been right and I've had no inspiration. Today though I saw something on Facebook that made me stop and think. A motivational poster I guess you could call it. It simply stated: You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

That's a pretty strong statement. Is it true? Maybe. Is it scientifically proven? I doubt that. But it made me stop and think, if it is true, do I like the people I am the average of? In my case the majority of my five are my family, so I ran through their characteristics to see.

I am the average of a little girl, who is growing up way too fast for my liking. She is kind, compassionate and loves to help. She never complains when I ask her to do anything, even it is just to stop playing computer games and run upstairs to get me something because I am too lazy to do it myself. She loves beyond measure and never back chats. She is creative and although not a straight A student, she does enough to get through with ease, and just not enough that she is not stressed about it. Come to think of it, that trait she may get from me. Her downfalls? She is lazy and messy...both averages she may get from me.

I am the average of a young boy. He is both the most loving, empathetic kid I have ever met and the most frustrating too. He cannot not have the last word in an argument, he does not understand the value in just letting things go to keep the peace. There are times I would love to have a mute button. He is mischievous, he loves to play jokes and prank people, he sings and talks all day long. He is happy kid, not sulky unless crossed and will snap out of any bad mood within minutes of being offered a hug. He is addicted to computer games but loves to drop everything to come and cuddle and just spend time with me. He shares everything, from his Easter eggs to his money, and is a firm believer in following the rules, unless it means he's going to lose at a game - yes he gets that from me too.

I am the average of a man I have known since I was 16. He is without a doubt the most generous and giving man I have ever met. I'm no where near as generous so I don't think I got this average. He doesn't take bullshit from anyone. Yes, he has a short temper and can be a grump but forgives easily and laughs infectiously. He is insanely clever, a geek and yet also a man who enjoys the outdoors, camping, kayaking and hiking. He can chop wood, set up a camp and yet fix the most complicated computer problem or anything around the house. He loves me, has loved me for 29 years and has never let me doubt that for a minute.

I am the average of an 81 year old lady. A lady who has helped shape the start of many lives while working at a nursery school (PreK and kindergarten for those in a different schooling system). She raised 4 kids on a budget while never letting us feel like we we lacking in anything. She taught me the value of being frugal while ensuring that no one goes without anything. She always has a smile on her face and a kind word and hug for her grandkids. She loves watching sport, reading and just being able to spend time with us.

I am the average of a dog who loves to sleep, cuddle and drink from the toilet. Okay, I do love to sleep and cuddle.

My deep thoughts of the day after reviewing these? I could do a whole lot worse.
My question to you? Are you happy with who you are the average of? If not, do something about it.